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Food and Culture Individual Country Project - Lab Report Example

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The Mexican national culture is said to have emerged from a slow process of assimilation between the native societies and the Spanish colonial dominance that lasted around three centuries. Mexico gained its independence in 1821. At the start of the nineteenth century, forming a…
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Food and Culture Individual Country Project
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Download file to see previous pages which took place between Mexico and the US, which took place between 1846 and 1848, in which the US was attempting to take control over independent Texas. In the end, the US army defeated the Mexican leading to the signing of the peace treaty between Texas, New Mexico and California in which Mexico lost its land by almost a half.
The events that took place in Mexico right from independence fostered the economic, political and social assimilation of different social groups contained by the nation and made the state and nation building stronger. The most relevant civil wars that took place that made a lot of significance in Mexican history are the Mexican Revolution that took place in 1910. The war led to an estimated loss of life of about one million Mexicans. The war ultimately ended with the formation of the new constitution at the beginning 1917, but it still lasted a few decades before peace to finally set in the nation. The reconstruction after the revolution affected all aspects of the society and gave a totally new significance to the nation.
Put simply, the Mexican culture simply stands out from other cultures. The differences and variations that one can find in Mexico can be incomprehensible. Mexican people are generally renowned for their artistic and creative nature. In addition, they take such pride when it comes to culinary matters. It is not strange to find people in a hot debate about food. It is what defines them as a culture. The dances are also unique to the nation only, although most modern societies are adopting them and changing them in one way or another (Sanchez, 28). Unlike their neighbors, the dominant language in Mexico is Spanish, which can be said to be as a consequence of being colonized by Spain.
Mexico possesses a comprehensive and refined culinary culture, with a vast variety of local dishes. However, there are three main common dishes that constitute the heart of most Mexican foods: beans, corn and hot peppers or as commonly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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