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Develop Your Conflict Resolution Skills - Essay Example

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Conflict refers to a disagreement, friction or discord coming up within groups/individuals when the beliefs/actions of one or even more members of the group are resisted and/or unacceptable to one/more members of the other group. According to Roy Eidelson and Judy…
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Develop Your Conflict Resolution Skills
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"Develop Your Conflict Resolution Skills"

Download file to see previous pages Injustice: this is the perceived mistreatment by others or the world at large. This attitude leads to the individual to identify something as unfair and thereby engage in retaliatory acts. Vulnerability: it revolves around a person’s perception that he/she is the subject to internal/external dangers where control lacks to supply safety. Distrust: it focuses on presumed hostility and malign intent of others. This is an expectation that others will hurt, cheat, abuse, humiliate or take advantage. Helplessness: this is a conviction that the carefully planned and executed plans/actions will fail to produce desired outcomes. This leads to a person perceiving that he/she cannot accomplish anything. The conflict is solved when the inconsistency between actions and wishes of parties are resolved.
Returning to the Sally and Dave conundrum, as the managers duty at the reservations call center is to ensure this conflict is resolved. Therefore, the managers first action after analyzing the conflict and putting all parties into consideration is to handle the issue separately, and find a solution after listening to each party’s complain. First, it is hard to tell who is telling the truth since each proposal is a complete opposite of the other party’s proposal. So, after meeting with Dave, the manager should ask him to be punctual with the time he departs from the center. He cannot stay at the center past 7:30. This would mean that he has to complete his job by seven o’clock thus giving him some time to tidy up the cubicle and turn off his computer. He should keep his stuff and personal effects to a minimized and limited to one side of the work station. Failure to honor this, he should be stripped of these permissions. He should keep his personal belongings on one side of the drawer and not leave them scattered in every corner of the drawer. Above all, responsibility and respect towards Sally would be demanded from Dave.
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Develop Your Conflict Resolution Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Develop Your Conflict Resolution Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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