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Mediation Assignment - Essay Example

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After setting up a mediation meeting with both Brenda Bennett and Harold Stokes, from the Human Resources and Engineering Departments respectively, there is a need to alert them of the situation they are facing. It is in both the parties’ interests to have this meeting in…
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Mediation Assignment
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"Mediation Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages It is this relationship that guides them in any future dealings, and might also assist the summer interns get the Human Resource Department’s support whenever any issue might arise. After both parties arrive at the office, it is vital to assure them that all parties will have their turn to speak and air their views. It is paramount that some of the ground rules are made for all parties to comprehend what might be at stake (Smith & Smock, 2008). I am the voice of reason between the warring parties, thus; confidence, clarity, and conciseness are what I need to make the mediation process a success. At the end of the stabilization stage, I ask for any questions from the warring parties, and then proceed to hearing their views.
The mediation room is one place where all the concerned parties become aware of each other’s existence and role in the organization. At this stage, I allocate Ms. Bennett and Mr. Stokes a few minutes to speak about their predicaments, and inquire what their thoughts are, with regards on how to move forward in company dealings. Both parties think they are entitled to what they want, but I remind them of the organization’s policies and what they dictate. Questioning both parties and restating some of their positions gives my position a better chance at trying to negotiate the terms of the agreement (Smith & Smock, 2008). The confidentiality of the meeting makes it possible for both Ms. Bennett and Mr. Stokes to confide in me, and after each parties’ contribution, I thank them both for sharing.
After listening to both sides, it is my duty to bring them both to agree on a common ground, where every party might feel like they have a certain measure of control in their respective departments. This ensures that issues which are of more concern find their way to the top of the discussion table, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mediation Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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