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Cutural competence and cutural proficency (social work perspective) - Essay Example

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Such cultural competences assist the agency, experts and system to work in perfect manners within cross-cultural scenarios. There are five crucial…
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"Cutural competence and cutural proficency (social work perspective)"

Download file to see previous pages cultures; value diversity; institutionalizing cultural knowledge, the capability for cultural own assessment; and awareness of the dynamics that are inherent during cultures interaction (Goodson, 2001). The article describes the cultural beliefs, attitudes, awareness’s, biases, and history heritage of people from England and Afghanistan. More so, the discussion focuses on contrasting and comparing the two cultures, checking other social work theories and how to educate organizations and communities.
Culture: since the start of British history, various battles and wars placed the Great Britain under the ruling of Vikings, Venetians, Saxons, Normans and Romans. The mixture intensified because of the refugee’s migration from Ireland, Russian and France (Smith, 2007). The result of the blending is several races with distinct statues, builds, cultural habits, hair colors, skin and gastronomy. There are three domineering languages in England: Welsh, Scottish and English. 92% of the populations are white, 3% are black, 1.3% is Pakistan, 1.2% is mixed, and 1.6% is other races.
Major religions: 72% are Christians including Presbyterian, Methodist, Anglican and Roman Catholic. 23% are undetermined or unspecified, 3% are Hindu and 2% are other denominations. In 1998, at least 20% of the total population believed in God, 15 percent were agnostics and 10 percent were atheists (Goodson, 2001). Nevertheless, the principal religious traditions in England are Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. In the recent era, there are a cult and pagan religions such as Transcendental Meditation, Unification Church, and goddess religion, among others.
Awareness and education: the models of learning in England involve the direct interaction between a child and a parent or teacher. Major ceremonies for secular initiation for young adults and children are present in the educational clubs and process.
Afghanistan is mountainous and landlocked, which has undergone ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cutural Competence and Cutural Proficency (social Work Perspective) Essay.
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