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How can the application of information and communication technology (ICT) improve public services - Essay Example

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Normally, when one discusses information and communication technology, the idea and concept is related to the enhancement of companies and profit-oriented entities. These entities need to make profits and information technology is used as a strategic tool for the improvement and…
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How can the application of information and communication technology (ICT) improve public services
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Extract of sample "How can the application of information and communication technology (ICT) improve public services"

Download file to see previous pages This implies that the public sector also needs to find tools and techniques to establish itself and work to attain the best results throughout their operations.
This paper will examine the possibility of the public sector using information and communication technology (ICT) to improve public services. To this end, the paper would examine the areas that the public sector with the aid of information and communication technology. The research would be conducted through the use of a critical literature review which would critique authoritative sources for ideas and concepts that would be outlined in the essay.
The subject is Public Management and Organisations . This is sources. You also can use your own sources. Asgarkhani, M. (2005). Digital government and its effectiveness in public management reform - A local government perspective. Public Management Review , 7, 3, 465-487. Brown, D. (2005). Electronic government and public administration. International Review of Administrative Sciences , 71, 2, 241-254. Dunleavy, P., Margetts, H., Bastow, S. and Tinkler, J. (2008) Digital Era Governance , Oxford, Oxford University Press. Dunleavy, P., Margetts, H., Bastow, S. and Tinkler, J. (2006) New public management is dead - long live digital-era governance, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory , 16, 3, 467-494. Flynn, N. (2010) Public Sector Management, 6 th Edition, Sage, London. Gasco, M. (2003). New technologies and institutional change in public administration. Social Science Computer Review , 21, 1, 6-14. Gil-Garcia, J. R., and Pardo, T. A. (2005). E-government success factors: Mapping practical tools to theoretical foundations. Government Information Quarterly , 22, 2, 187-216. Hatford S., Obstfelder, A. and Lotherington, A. (2009) Beyond implementation and resistance: how the delivery of ICT policy is reshaping healthcare, Policy and Politics , 37, 1, 113-128. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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