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US Government / Public Policy / Corporate Welfare - Research Paper Example

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Corporate welfares cost the US governments millions of dollars each year. Many individuals and groups oppose to the concept of offering corporate…
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US Government / Public Policy / Corporate Welfare
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Download file to see previous pages re handed out to the recipients who line up for their chunks of money instead of competing for them in the marketplace on the field like the others less privileged corporate. Whereas, corporate welfare should be help for the children, elders, poor and those people who are incapable of taking care of them.
According to the secretary of labor who identified that corporate welfare programs are the major reasons to federal budget crisis. They major problem with this program is that the federal government has a poor way of picking industrial winners and losers, these welfare programs are failing to show any sort of economic advantage to the government. These programs create an unbalanced field creating a hostile environment between business and government.
If I were a president I would completely diminish such programs that only impose burden on the government and fail to prove their worth. These corporate welfare programs will be the first step towards reducing the regulatory burden on the government. (Berlatsky& Noah ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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US Government / Public Policy / Corporate Welfare Research Paper.
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