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An average week for most employees usually goes from Monday to Friday, a five day week. However, the productivity of an employee is often compromised when the working period…
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MY CHOICE OF THE TOPIC IS GOING FROM A 5 DAY WORK WEEK TO A 4 DAY WORK WEEK This topic will focus on the problem that faces most employees in variouswork places; having long weeks. An average week for most employees usually goes from Monday to Friday, a five day week. However, the productivity of an employee is often compromised when the working period is longer. Therefore, an employee working for four days in a week may prove to be more efficient than one working for five days in a week.
In order for managers to ensure that the efficiency of employees is not affected through longer weeks but still maintain the output levels currently existing in the organization, managers can give their employees a break from work on the fifth day. Through this, employees can work from home on the fifth day and have lower targets to meet for that particular day than the other normal working days. By so doing the manager motivates the employees by allowing them to work from home on the fifth day and still meet their targets. This improves on efficiency and increases the productivity of each employee in the process. I see this as a solution to this problem as it improves on the organisation’s productivity and still motivate employees through better working conditions; a win-win! Read More
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