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Chapter 11 Case 2: Lincoln Medical Supply. Students will read the case on Lincoln Medical Supply - Essay Example

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The data collection process is done using a randomized control trial (RCTs) where a consideration for the inclusive information is done, but in some instances, inclusion of all is also applied…
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Chapter 11 Case 2: Lincoln Medical Supply. Students will read the case on Lincoln Medical Supply
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Download file to see previous pages The data will be collected at the beginning of the study as it forms the most appropriate study baseline for the analysis process (Ronnberg & Nilssona, 2010).
Qualitative and quantitative data collection methods that is applicable in collecting nursing information. With quantitative research, the data collection process works with a stated hypothesis that works with a stated theory. In the case of hospitality, data collection is acquired from patients exposed to different medication, and other measures. The various methods that fall under the quantitative include Experiments, observation, using management systems to acquire information, and conducting surveys (Axinn & Pearce, 2006). The main advantage of these methods is that they produce relevant results as detailed results are obtained from the experiments. The researchers work with real time experiences hence are able to record details that may be used as constrains. The main disadvantage of quantitative is that they are time consuming as a lot of data entry is involved in the continuity of the process. The method is also prone to error as individuals, who might key in the correct information, do many data entry of the information. Quantitative methods of collecting data are expensive as the researchers might require incentives to lure potential information givers. Travelling from one location to another includes miscellaneous expenses (Sara, 2008).
Marketing refers to the process of making the organizations products and services known to the public. A simple organizational structure that enables information to move from the employees to the managers ensures that marketing information moves from one location to another. Sara markets itself mainly through advertising. Getting advertising ideas from employees may improve the output of the advertisement. Ideas can only be generated from the employees if the organizational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Chapter 11 Case 2: Lincoln Medical Supply. Students Will Read the Case Essay.
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