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The Role of the Internet and Crime - Research Paper Example

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That caused the fact that information became an independent object of human activity. And now the reality is: the information is self-value, it can be…
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The Role of the Internet and Crime
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Extract of sample "The Role of the Internet and Crime"

Download file to see previous pages Such information attracts criminals. Moreover internet is the fastest way for information transfer. It is very important for criminals. Also such types of criminal activity as computer viruses and malicious codes, cyber stalking and information warfare can damage our personal information. All these criminal activities are greatly influenced by the Internet, because it is the world of a great amount of information, in many cases unprotected information, and it is the place where person can stay incognito (Johanna Granville).
Let’s take a closer look how the Internet aids criminal activity. “Work-at-home” schemes. In this scheme victim finds a job opportunity or receive an e-mail from fake company. The job is part-time and has a generous salary. The main “job” responsibilities are to rewrite articles or translate texts or to be middleman for charity organization that collects donations for victims of a natural disaster. Then the scammer asks the person for her personal information such as bank account numbers, Social Security number and date of birth. As the fraudsters says all these personal information is needed for hiring process, but in fact with these information they can monitor the victim’s account balances. When a big amount of money appears, the fraudster drains the account.
Drug trafficking is another example of the Internet influence on criminal activity. Cyber world has become very popular among drug dealers. They use the Internet cafes to arrange their deals and courier web sites to track the drugs. They even create chat rooms with restricted access in order to swap recipes for amphetamine.
One more example worth of remembering is changing information among terrorists through the Internet. They can easily plan their actions no matter where they are. It is better than phone, because you can stay incognito longer and it is harder to find such kind of information. As the Internet is World Wide it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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