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Developing work in and with communities - Assignment Example

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The Troubles, the many divisions (nationalistic, sectarian, gender, social class) uncharacteristic to the 21st century Europe, and the…
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Developing work in and with communities
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Download file to see previous pages There is no denying that the only way forward is by strengthening the community through cross-community relations. Personally, I believe that integration is a long-way battle considering that Northern Irish society in general, do not subscribe to a unilateral agenda. And as long as these divisions are encouraged, the same issues will thrive and Northern Ireland will remain a weak state in the face of a hypercritical world.
Today, various interests groups abound but it is the growing number of youth and working professionals taking part in a nonviolent form of resistance that holds a promise. It means that students do not only feel the burden, they also want to lessen the burden. It means that the working class seeks for counter-culture attacks in the face of the ignoble Irish failure (against European success). It means that the status quo is not favored and the once naïve groups are finally capable of taking responsibility.
The foundation of Section 75 I believe is a testament that the conditions mentioned above are recognized by the state. It is like reinforcing the people that public authorities are there to serve and that amidst the many divisions, the government is one with the people in pushing for a better and inclusive Northern Ireland.
Unfortunately, statistics and empirical evidence do not seem to reinforce the government’s stance. Records would agree that children’s rights are continuously hindered by poverty and that poor children are still easy preys for discrimination and economic exploitation. Children remain voiceless. Though there have been researches that involved children’s perspectives on sectarianism, equality promised by Section 75 is nowhere to be found.
Although various structural mechanisms have been created to foster service provisions to the youth, the fact is that even schools are no longer havens ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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