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Product represent the New Design Paradigm - Assignment Example

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In the recent past, the one case that has become particularly catchy and now a trend is that to do with the products that are associated with the new design…
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Product represent the New Design Paradigm
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Download file to see previous pages The first one in this case is that it has helped in alleviating the problems, which are associated with the use of desktop computers. In this case, the major problem is to do with immobility and convenience. At the same time, the laptop has become a rather important element concerning the way people conduct their business majorly due to its portability. The facilities, which are also associated with the use of laptops, also make it a rather dependable machine in the life of a person. An example of such a facility is the use of Wi-Fi for accessing the internet. In this regard, it is not necessary for a person to have wired connection to access the internet but this is made possible through wireless internet through Wi-Fi networks.
Responsibility is something, which is expected of every member of the society. In this particular case, however, the responsibility, which is in focus, is in relation to being ecologically responsible and being socially responsible. In social responsibility, an individual ought to act and carry him or herself in a manner, which is beneficial to the individuals in the society. The main intention associated with this type of responsibility is such that the individual is able to maintain a balance between the ecosystem and the economy. It entails having a balance between the organizations and individuals together with the welfare of the society. On the other hand, ecological responsibility is mainly concerned with the environment and its preservation. This is bearing in mind the importance, which is attached to the environment in relation to the sustenance of human beings. In this case, the individuals in the society ought to see to it that they do not take actions, which may jeopardize the environment, for example using of detergents and letting water flow onto the soil or streams of water.
There is significant impact on global production when looking at the elements, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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