Monologue of Winston Smith from the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by author George Orwell - Essay Example

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Loneliness everywhere appears to be somewhat unruffled, though release from the Ministry of Love and Room 101 still presents a sombre state of affair. Sitting in front of the telescreen, and watching the smiling…
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Monologue of Winston Smith from the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by author George Orwell
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Extract of sample "Monologue of Winston Smith from the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by author George Orwell"

Download file to see previous pages Is it the hour of doom for Oceania? Perhaps not, as Oceania troops are ready for their retreat soon… (p.157)
Why have I taken such a distasteful clove-saccharine, which always turns me pale and disgusting? Why the unbidden waiter has placed chessboard, along with refilling my empty glass? Perhaps they are familiar with my financial position these days..... Yes, I possess money in plenty, more than enough to carry out my needs...! Here I’m, playing chess alone; but I’m not alone altogether, as the great Big Brother is my associate every time, and does not leave me alone. However, why it so happens that white always win over the black, by leaving black at sorry state of affairs subsequently.....; is it the same struggle between evil and good, where the latter turns out to be triumphant without taking the time period of the game into any consideration? (p.158)
Why I feel so worried and perturbed for the eventual defeat and trouncing of the Oceanic forces at the hands of Eurasia? Should I get absorbed into the struggle to two big powers, which could bring death, destruction and defoliation in the wake of the division of the world and the Part as well? Should I feel gloomy at the ultimate defeat of the Big Brother?..... Alas, contrary to Julia’s big claims, the Party has intruded into me by penetrating into my heart eventually.....! (p.158)
How did it happen, where the Party has taken the place of my beloved, and declining our interest in each other? Why was the passion not igniting during our March meeting as it used to be before our arrest in the flourishing month of April, as our enthusiasm has abated in the same manner as the downtrodden individuals belonging to the Outer Party and the Proles lead their life in a state of deprivation and senselessness!!! The cruel totalitarian system has captured our minds, along with all the thoughts prevailing in them... the hearts have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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