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Photoshop/Graphic Design - Complete a Write-up on the Following Subjects - Essay Example

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Uncompressed format take up the most data, but they are exact representation of the image. Lossy formats are mainly used in photographs, while as the lossless compression are…
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Photoshop/Graphic Design - Complete a Write-up on the Following Subjects
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Download file to see previous pages This reduces the storage space and economizing space. Compressed file formats do not display the real size of the photo, and the photo produced does not resemble the original object.
Smart objects resemble layer, but they can be contained inside on layer. This layer can be moved around rotate and effects applied. However, one can still edit using a different and separate window for editing purposes. With the vector objects, smart objects make things easier, once the shape layer is converted into a smart object, other things like filter can be applied. The difference between raster graphics and vector is that raster graphics contains pixels while a vector graphic is composed of paths.
Layers in Photoshop are used to ensure that when editing a photo the initial image from being is not tampered with and retain its image format. Feathering in photo shop is when one designs the photo according to the required specifications (Wood, 2011). Filter can be applied in any part of an image; they are used to mimic traditional filters, which created painterly effects. The process of burning in photo shop is enhanced by reducing the megapixels when painting an image, these changes the brightness. Advance selection tools are used in extracting an image from their background and place it on another background. Making the two images appear different, this is achieved by creating layers which enables the photo edit to edit the images terribly easily. Increasing the resolution of a digital camera enhances the clarity of an image. Setting the contrast and reducing the brightness would also participate on the appearance of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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