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This progress report details work that has been done on the research relating to the performance of Samsung and its smart phones relative to competition. The paper places particular emphasis on Samsung’s patent strategy or lack of it, relative to Apple’s own smart phone…
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Progress report
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"Progress report"

Download file to see previous pages The discussion on the stock price performance of Samsung and Apple, for instance, shows that while Samsung’s prospects seem stable, the prospects for Apple seem less secure and sure. One notes that stock price is an indicator of how investors see a firm and that firm’s future prospects for profit and growth in revenues. The downward spiral of Apple stocks of late seems to reflect waning confidence in Apple’s ability to continue to lead in smart phones as well as tablets. On the other hand, the stable prospects for Samsung are reflected in its share price also being relatively stable, after enjoying a substantial appreciation over the past two years. At any rate, it seems that Samsung will fare well even with the results of the case finding it has infringed on vital Apple patents relating to its smart phone products (Yahoo! Finance, 2012; Google Finance, 2012).
Newer data and analysis on the prospects of Apple show cause for concern. The company, after winning the patent lawsuit, has been seen as having committed some serious errors and mistakes in strategy and product implementation over the past few weeks. First was its debacle in its mapping technology, after having ditched Google as a provider of mapping services for its own homegrown but seriously flawed mapping application. Next is what analysts see as flawed pricing with regard to its new iPad Mini product. Third has to do with how Apple is seen by analysts as having a crisis of leadership. Some analysts have come to view all these as signs that Apple is in decline (Lappin, 2012; Chang, 2012).
There is progress too, with regard to the details of the verdict having become public knowledge since the writing of the first parts of this paper, owing to the jury coming out and releasing their explanations for the verdict, and the warring parties coming out in the open with the documents that were used as evidence for the case. The outpouring ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Progress Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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