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Effective Online Learning: How to be Successful - Research Paper Example

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For instance, preparing an academic write up would involve collection of available information on the subject being dealt with. There has to be extensive exploration of…
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Effective Online Learning: How to be Successful
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Extract of sample "Effective Online Learning: How to be Successful"

Download file to see previous pages This is however very important in terms of developing a scientific background for any academic writing (CSU, 2006). Along with this lies the risk of copying the idea from the secondary source as such into the writing. This process of using the entire idea that another research has used is in other words called plagiarism.
Plagiarism can happen at two different levels. A directly appealing mode of this is the copying of the same text from another work. It has to be understood that with the technology available these days, it is very easy to identify this sort of plagiarism. Thus it is easy to avoid this sort of plagiarism. The second level of plagiarism is copying the idea of another author in the words of the writer. It has to be understood while abstracting the idea of another author; it has to be quoted as being taken from a secondary source. This conceptual awareness is very important while documenting any academic work.
The first step in avoiding plagiarism is properly organising the available resource materials so that they are available on retrieval. Every place in the essay wherever ideas from other sources are used, in text citation has to be provided. By providing in-text citation, the source is acknowledged. It also has to be ensured that these sources are listed in the reference list as well. The referencing styles which has to be adhered with when doing paraphrasing and writing the reference list. The format of the essay also has to be according to a particular referencing style. The originality of the academic papers can be thoroughly checked using customized plagiarism scanners eliminating minute possibilities of copied material. There are tailor-made plagiarism-scanning products available in the market which can be used to cross check the document for any level of plagiarism (CSU, 2006).
An effective essay should be able to convey the idea expected to be expressed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effective Online Learning: How to Be Successful Research Paper.
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