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Budnet Bi - Essay Example

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is one of the famous organizations within the United States brewer industry. In the entire world, it is the third leading manufacturer of brewer. This company over the years has been popular for its Budweiser brand of beer. In the year…
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Budnet Bi
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Download file to see previous pages According to the assessment made in the year 2008, the company had 48% of market share within the US market, however in the year 2006 it was 49% and in the year 2005, it was 50%. This consecutive reduction of market share implies that the company has been facing a downfall in its business (Anheuser-Busch InBev, “About AB InBev”).
Anheuser-Busch was facing considerable price restriction as well as business pressure before implementing ‘BudNet’, a network based data warehousing solution system. By considering the US beer market, it can be observed that it was primarily a mature market but with flat consumption level. This scenario occurred due to three reasons, firstly, effective consciousness regarding the issues related to alcohol, slow growth of population as well as age factor of population. In relation to the year 2005, the beer market reached its saturation stage where most of the consumers were very much conscious about the consumption level of alcohol. In the US, the largest beer consuming segment is the young adult group. Thus, these significant aspects created considerable business pressure for Anheuser-Busch while operating in the US market.
According to the assessment of the year 2005, it is viewed that US beer market had reached the saturation stage. Majority of the beer manufacturing corporations focused on emerging markets whereas the supply level of the products automatically decreased in the developed markets. The US domestic beer market was primarily in mature stage in the industry life cycle with flat consumption level. In the US, young adults were the significant market segment, whereas other age group consumers had become very much conscious about the consumption of alcohol. From the case study, it is viewed that in the US, Anheuser-Busch’s market share was continuously declining i.e. in the year 2005, company had 50% market share, in the year 2006 it had reached 49% of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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