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A ssignment 3 :Budget Requests(fire and safety Engineering) - Assignment Example

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A ssignment 3 :Budget Requests(fire and safety Engineering)
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Download file to see previous pages The condition of the systems does not guarantee safety and for this reason, we would like to seek permission for purchasing new equipment for replacement and install new systems.
Since we have to ensure that our employees as well as customers are entirely safe, we will have to upgrade our active fire protection. The active fire protection categories are as follows:
This involves systems which can control fire or extinguish it either manually or automatically (Bristol Uniforms 4). Manual extinguishing system will involve use of fire extinguishers and standpipe systems.The current fire extinguishers are depleted and need to be replaced. These new extinguishers will be installed in the kitchen as it is more prone to fires than any other place in the building especially now with the bee-hive activities going on. The upgrading of the manual fire suppression system is estimated to cost $2000.
Since everyone in the kitchen will be busy held up in their recipe executions, we will need to install fire/smoke detectors and a sprinkler system. The fire detectors will give a warning to everyone in the building and thus make the evacuation process rather smooth. The fire detectors will also be connected to a computerized system at the fire station. This means that the fire department will be aware that there is a fire emergency when the detector goes off and will shorten the time they will take to get to the scene (Writing Memos 34). This time will be critical for saving the property of the restaurant. The sprinkler system on the other hand will be responding to heat. If a fire breaks out at a particular place in the restaurant, then the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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