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Gender Relations - Essay Example

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The social trends have come with significant changes in social organizations in the economy, governance, church, and the family. Through the…
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Gender Relations
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Download file to see previous pages Traditionally, the woman was subordinate to man. She was expected to take care of the house chores and bear children. The man was to provide for the family, protect the family, and ensure that the family was well housed. Traditionally, it was not necessary for a woman to work since the man took care of all her needs. The man was the key decision maker; they occupied positions in leadership that were only designated for men (Pew, 2012). However, all the above has had significant changes from the social trends. In the American society, both man and woman are considered equal. This is because of the great emphasis placed on the slogan that what a man can do a woman can do it better. For instance, the women are in charge in the American homes where they make three quarters of the decisions in the family (Pew, 2012). This is a position that was only controlled by the male gender.
With the changing social trends, the traits ascribed to men and women have been more diverse and of stereotypes (Griffis, 2008). Women are ascribed to be welcoming, more caring, enthusiastic, confident, inspired, and devoted to what she intended to do (Prentice & Carranza, 2002). Men are ascribed to be strong, mature, focused, resourceful, tenacious, and protective (Prentice & Carranza, 2002). The ascribed traits are not necessarily reflections of each gender since they can be possessed by both genders. However, standards for men traits are raised higher than those of the women. The society gets strict on any oversight from the men side than it does to the woman.
However, there are some aspects of a man and a woman that cannot be over ruled. They are both believed to possess an important position in the society that no gender can replace the other. For example, child bearing is a natural aspect that cannot be shifted from one gender to the other. A woman is expected to bear children, a role that a man cannot handle no matter how much emphasis is placed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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