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Public Relation Campaign for Big Brother Big Sister - Assignment Example

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We are writing to you to introduce our organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. We are an international organization whose mission is “to help at risk young people achieve their full potential through professionally supported mentoring” (Big Brothers…
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Public Relation Campaign for Big Brother Big Sister
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Download file to see previous pages You can be assured that his Big Brother or Big Sister has undergone an extensive background check because we value your child’s safety. Furthermore, all mentoring relationships are closely monitored and have the backing of professionally trained match coordinator. The Big Brother or Big Sister will assist your child in achieving success in school and preventing him from turning to drugs or alcohol. Most kids who enroll at Big Brothers Big Sisters become more confident and perform better in school. Their relationships with their families and friends greatly improve. More importantly, they feel better about themselves (Big Brothers Big Sisters of America , par 2).
If you are committed to letting your child explore his vast potentials and want to develop him to become a mature, responsible and a well-rounded individual, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. You may contact us at telephone number ____________ and we will gladly discuss with you about our programs.
Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia Limited. "International connections." 2009. Web. 22 October 2012 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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