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It aims to highlight the intent and outlook of your research. It is quite likely and permissible that as student’s progress with their dissertation will lead to changes in several…
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Dissertation / Management Report Proposal Form
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Download file to see previous pages Section 1: Briefly describe your research topic for your Dissertation / Management Report. (State the organisations name, industry, who your contact/s is, their contact details (email and phone). Link to literature and support your ideas with citing from the literature to justify the selection of your topic.
As a research topic, I will focus on the need of the reward strategy that is used in the private sector organization to retain the employees. I will put in mind the various elements of rewards, integrate the elements and inform employees on what to expect to get and why. I will include details of strategy of reward, remuneration, pay practices, policies and structure, minimum wage, total reward, payroll and salary administration, team reward and executive pay.
Employees are more interested in their job satisfaction in terms of remuneration, rewards, wages and pay administration (Dewe & Cooper, 2007). Private organizations are doing much in order to retain the best employees they have so as to keep maximizing their production (Dewe & Cooper, 2007). The reward system is hence important to all types of organization as the production and success of the organization is directly proportional to the level of satisfaction and motivation of employees. Therefore the reward system is a rich area to investigate so as to identify and analyze how the private sector uses the reward management as an incentive to retain their staff.
The reward system is more important to all organization because the production and success of the organization is directly proportional to the level of satisfaction and motivation of employees which is achieved by the kinds of rewards they get from the organization. It is also evident that employees tend to prefer private organization due to the rewards they attain from the organizations. It is therefore of great interest that I look into this topic and analyze how the private ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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