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Nature of Thought - Essay Example

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To understand the key concepts regarding thought, perceptual process, perception biases, senses, memory and medium, first it is important to get familiar with thinking process and its components. All of the above concepts are directly linked to thinking and thoughts.
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Nature of Thought
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Download file to see previous pages This different level of ability further leads towards intelligence and creativity.
Responding to the objects in nature and events happening is a phenomenon that is necessary to continue the survival. Every human being is granted with five basic senses to feel and respond accordingly to all the situations that happen in the environment. Anything, which is felt by a human being, is sent to the human mind by the five senses. There are two kinds of senses which are generally taken in the discussion. External senses are five basic senses (vision: eyes, hearing: ears, smell: nose, touch: skin, taste: tongue) whereas internal sense is based upon intuition and is not considered in objective approach rather it is a subjective one about which we cannot give a concrete view (McCosh, 1882).
To precede the above discussion towards subjective perspective, let’s get an idea about memory. Memory is derived from a Latin word “Memoria” with literary meaning of retaining something in mind. It is about storing the events in mid which had been experienced in past with an individual. Woodworth describes the memory as it helps remembering the past learning (Mangal, 2007). Memory of a human being is consisted of three parts i.e., sensory storage, short term memory and long term memory.
As far as the discussion of memory continues, it is specified that memory is somewhat as a collection of past. It only helps to retain the archives of the past. It merely does not help to explore or dig it out for future usage. Although memory can be shared but the way it is shared uses medium to recall the memories that have been saved in human being. The concept of conscious and subconscious is also depicted over here. We can say that memory is a set of records but it cannot recall the past experiences. It is medium which digs the memories out and makes us remember at different times.
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