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Child Gas-lift chair product Operator's Manual and Maintenance Instruction - Assignment Example

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According to Burke (2012), gas- lift chair for children is a type of chair that uses compressed gas mechanism to enable a child to adjust sitting positions. The chair consists of a gas cylinder, a three, four or five wheeled base, a joining piston, and a lever to control gas…
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Child Gas-lift chair product Operators Manual and Maintenance Instruction
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Download file to see previous pages A gas-lift chair is meant for disabled children or those that have been bound to a chair for life. It is simplified in a way that the child is able to understand and remember the function of every feature on the chair comfortably. Implementing gas lift chair safety measures is not only important to the child but also to the manufacture. It is important for a child to know that Child Gas-lift Chair Company is not responsible of any damage or injury to child on the chair if; the damage occurred during transportation, since the chair is not meant for transport, as a result of wear and tear or due to fixation of fake accessories. All this can only be settled and avoided by following all the safety measures provided by the Child Gas-lift Chair Company (User manual, 2008).
It may seem unnecessary but the child should ensure safety even on delivery and when unpacking the gas chair. This is because even as new as it may look it might be damage, posing a danger to the child if unnoticed. If the chair is damaged, the child should inform Child Gas-lift Company to either replace it or repair it (Burke, 2012). On the chair there two main features the child should consider the lever and the brake. The lever, which is usually below the seat, will help the child adjust the seats height by pulling it upwards. In case the child wishes to lower the seat, pulling the lever upwards will allow outflow of gas to a separate reservoir above the piston, effectively lowering the gas pressure below the piston and the seat goes down. To raise the seat the child need to get off the chair to allow in flow of air.
The child should also understand that gas lift chairs are not meant for transport and should not be used in place of a wheel chair. In fact the child should not be on the chair during transportation. The other most important thing of all is that the child needs to know the maximum weight limit of the chair above ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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