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And analysis designers in Objectified A documentary film by Gary Hustwit - Movie Review Example

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Predominantly, they are from both western and eastern countries. However, a comprehensive assessment of their methods and styles show that they are basically governed by the same principles…
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Review and analysis designers in Objectified A documentary film by Gary Hustwit
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Download file to see previous pages Such an understanding, for designers, should weave into nearly all areas of human interest. This position reinforces the view that designers should seek to create solutions through their products and to meet the material and non-material needs of the consumers.
Material goods and design products are embraced as aspects of culture in the sense that they create a sense of identity to the targeted consumers (Lipton 116). Perhaps it would be necessary to regard the mixture of the designers within the broad subject of globalization and the liberalization of market. According to the various speakers in the documentary, many of these designers are driven largely by forces beyond their creative impulse. The documentary provides various examples where designs have evolved in response to certain difficulties or a shift in preferences within cultures, groups, or communities. The design of kitchenware, for instance is largely conditioned by matters of convenience.
Basing on the opinions supplied by various speakers in the documentary, it is important for designers to seek an understanding of various cultural aspects that determine people’s values and practices. Such an understanding enhances the capacity of designers to develop products that respond to the specific needs of populations. The Japanese are cited severally and variously as people with close attachment to their culture. The Japanese designers often tend to infuse cultural aspects into their product in a manner that balances the cultural aesthetics and the utilitarian value of the products (Ashoraft 2). On this score, it becomes important to consider the cultural forces that provide the creative synergies of products from Asia and other parts of the world.
Moreover, the documentary provides evidence that designers have to rely on the outside world and the needs of the markets and targeted end users to develop products that meet specific objectives. Designers have to work together with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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