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I am addressing this letter to you as the position of the Secretary of Commerce is vacant and you are the Acting Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Commerce, so no other person is better suited at the moment for the purpose of this letter. I need to ask you a few questions…
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Busniess communication
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Dear Rebecca Blank, I am addressing this letter to you as the position of the Secretary of Commerce is vacant and you are the Acting Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Commerce, so no other person is better suited at the moment for the purpose of this letter. I need to ask you a few questions regarding your mission statement;
We frequently read about US competitiveness in the global market place, but exactly how competitive we are? Are we (the US) truly the single most dominant business force in the world? And if we really hold that position, for how long in the future do you expect us to stand our grounds before a mightier force pushes us away? How do you plan to keep our position on the top?
The reason of my enquiry stems from watching trade and commerce news from around the world. Great business powerhouses like China, Germany and India are already moving towards new markets of the world, where do we stand in this race? I understand that the US policies are very competitive when it comes to dominating the business and trade but my question especially concerns untapped markets such as the African countries; what policies are you expecting in the near future when the presidential elections are knocking on our doorstep?
I don’t mean to put a gloomy shadow on our country’s business outlook but countries like Japan and China are well known from their technological achievements, do you think we will be able to beat them, probably at their own game? I have thoroughly read the mission statement of your department, but quite frankly it doesn’t answer the ‘HOW’ to many of the good things that you have mentioned there.
It says that your department touches the lives of American people in many ways, I respect that but I’m seeking an external view of you would actually make all the great things happen for the citizens of your country.
Rebecca, I understand that you are just filling in for someone at the moment but I’m sure that you can definitely enlighten me regarding the questions I have written in this inquisitive letter.
Kind regards
"About the Department of Commerce." Commerce.Gov; United States Department of Commerce. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Oct. 2012. . Read More
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