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Organizational Impact - Research Paper Example

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Innovation in organizational level is the process of bringing something newer or kind of unique problem solving idea in to use with a view to achieve business or other sorts of organizational goals. Innovation is more likely to represent radical ‘frame-breaking’ change…
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Organizational Impact Paper
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Download file to see previous pages as widely known as one of the most influential and powerful technology company that emerged as leader in the hardware and software industry, has always been fostering on innovation. Muller (2011, p. 2) noted that Apple has managed to sustain its innovation with effectively calculated and consistent increases of its investment in research and development and rapid fire-launches of unique newer products and upgrades.
Innovation occurs within four dimensions of the organization; product innovation, process innovation, business model or strategic innovation and marketing innovation. Apple inc is an illuminating example for all these kinds of innovations (OBrien, Clifford and Southern. 2010, p. 96). Within last two decades, Apple has been offering various types of products and services, including iMac, iPod, iPad, iTune, iLife and iPhone variants. Apple has been highly successful in creating a unique identify of its brand to effectively establish strong brand equity and convert this to long term profitability for the firm to stay highly competitive.
Apple’s increased R&D efforts and greater concerns over technology advances have transformed the way by which the products and services are produced and delivered to its customers. Moreover, Apple’s own-store retail marketing that company has launched own-retail store with multi-hubs in various cities around the world represented a unique idea of manufacturer’s own-store retailing strategy. This was another successful innovation in terms of marketing and business model. The overall impact of the innovation on Apple is its name, the brand, brand’s loyalty, competitive advantage the company has sustained and the long-term profitability it can guarantee for years to come.
McDonald, perhaps an alternate name for quality fast-food and quick meal, has emerged to be a most powerful international fast-food restaurant that keeps on driving innovation in delivering food and offering quality services. Cekeravac (2012) noted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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