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The criteria that should be used to evaluate web information for validity comprises of how well this information is being compiled and what the outcomes of this information will be in the coming times.
The benefits of using primary sources are that the information is more…
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Website Evaluation
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ID Lecturer Website Evaluation What criteria should be used to evaluate web information for validity?
The criteria that should be used to evaluate web information for validity comprises of how well this information is being compiled and what the outcomes of this information will be in the coming times.
Consider the difference between primary sources and secondary sources.
The primary sources are the sources that are obtained one-on-one while the secondary sources are grabbed from research through books, journals, periodicals, websites, newspapers and magazines.
What are the benefits and consequences of using primary sources?
The benefits of using primary sources are that the information is more specific and according to the research question at hand. The consequences include the wastage that can take place as well as the time constraints which are there when collecting primary sources.
What qualifies as a secondary source?
A secondary source would list down research obtained from books, magazines, newspapers, journals and periodicals. It is more authentic because it was conducted in the past and has a qualitative aspect attached to it (Benz, 1998).
Review the Student Responsibilities and Policies via the Academic Research section of the classroom. What are the hallmarks of an academic source?
The hallmarks of an academic source include the genuineness of the data which has been obtained, the extent of research that has been conducted and the people involved within the research basis itself.
Why does Ashford policy warn against the use of wikis and encyclopedias?
The Ashford policy is well-drawn to safeguard against the usage of wikis and encyclopedias because these are not authentic and can be edited by just about anyone at their own free will.
Benz, C. (1998). Qualitative-Quantitative Research Methodology: Exploring the Interactive Continuum. Southern Illinois University Press Read More
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