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When travelling plans are made, it is important to start preparation beforehand so that information about destination place is…
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Fantasy Vacation
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Download file to see previous pages My flight was scheduled for 3rd March as time duration of reaching Venice from Dayton is more than 12 hours. I took flights on Air France which comprised of two stops; one from Dayton to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Paris and then from Paris to Venice; the complete duration time was nineteen hours and thirty minutes.
Venice is amongst superb destination places that have to offer various attractions to visitors; it is recognized worldwide for having spectacular range of Museums, architectural pieces, entertainment avenues, luxury hotels and five star restaurants (Venice Sights 3). Travelling within the city is very easy as it has various modes of transportation such as buses, trams, metros and trains. When planning to go to Venice, it is also recommended that cities nearby Venice are visited and people can easily go via cars or even on foot. When vacations are spent in the city, it looks like it is the most relaxing and awesome place for the visitors.
Since hotel booking was done online, car was provided by Crowne Plaza Venice East to take visitor to hotel. Its interior has been designed in a most artistic way and all facilities were accessible at the hotel from food to tour guide. For first time visitors, hotel offers attractive packages of tour guides; it covers entire range of places that should be visited in Venice. Venice is divided into six districts and each of them have numerous attractions for visitors and the districts are broken down along its main street known as the Grand Canal which is the heart of its historical center; on its northern side are Castello, San Marco Sestieri and Cannaregio and on southern side of Canal are San Polo, Dordoduro Sestieri and Croce. On the western side of Venice is its main railway station, known as Santa Lucia which is the single road that connects Venice to closed mainland (Kerr 6; Ormand 5).
On its eastern side is San Marco Square along with popular ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Fantasy Vacation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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