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Please describe your motivation for applying to the Operations business area within J.P. Morgan, and specifically the Operations Analyst Development Programme (Specialist). Please give details of any skills you have that would be relevant to this area/ - Essay Example

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Entry into business activities by individuals, firms, and governments has resulted in tremendous expansion of local and international business. As this growth is realised,…
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Extract of sample "Please describe your motivation for applying to the Operations business area within J.P. Morgan, and specifically the Operations Analyst Development Programme (Specialist). Please give details of any skills you have that would be relevant to this area/"

Download file to see previous pages J.P. Morgan runs an Operations Analyst Development Programme that is essentially at par with my business goals and objectives. My knowledge and skill set are centrally based in business. Moreover, I have previously been placed in an Analyst Trainee programme at Bloomberg India Ltd. that enhanced my analytical skills in business operations. On the same note, having taken several internships in various business enterprises, I am more oriented towards operations analysis in the workplace.
My motivation as far as business is concerned rests on education programmes that will improve, expand, and develop my professional experience and coursework line. The Operations Analyst Development Programme offered at J.P. Morgan suits this interest and even accounts for my motivating factors in business analysis. My application to this programme is based on the aforementioned reasons. This programme is bound to make me a competitive specialist in my academic field of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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