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Communication - question posed from a forensic management course / crime scenes - Essay Example

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At the same time, communication fosters integration within various departments of the organization, which assists them in attaining some common…
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Communication - question posed from a forensic management course / crime scenes
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Download file to see previous pages However, informal interaction plays a significant role in fostering the process of organizational learning as well.
On the other hand, rightsizing has become one of the major HR practice in recent years. However, openly communicating about it may result in heightened job insecurity among the employees of an organization (Homburg, Klarmann, & Staritz, 2012).
The structural communication emanates from hierarchal setup of the organization; usually it travels from top to bottom. This interaction specifically contains strategic decisions, which top management took in order to, provide direction to its subordinate departments. However, these decisions are implemented through a delicately designed operational plan by the middle management.
The operational plan developed by middle management, is then communicated to those in line management, who finally implement it. However, it is important for line management to implement the plan, in the light of current situation.
In parallel, there are distinct differences between various types of organizational communications. As structural communication supposes that everything will go according to the plan therefore, provide broader objectives, which are broken down into manageable tasks by middle management and distributed among line management for achievement (Poole, 1978). Therefore, it is imperative to involve the lower management while devising an operational plan because, they are responsible for implementation phase.
However, it is imperative to notify, the nature of situational communication, which primarily takes place from bottom to top level because; it focuses on reporting some operational deficiencies which, hinder the execution of a broader plan, thus, jolting middle and top management to reconsider their stance (Breen, Fetzer, Howard, & Preziosi, 2005). At the same time, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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