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Things we dont like - Research Paper Example

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This requires the government to be the custodian of different vital information that affects the life of its citizens. The ability of the government to control such…
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Things we dont like
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Download file to see previous pages The main issues that is of significant concern is the country’s economy. Over the past years, the government has been issuing economic report based on statistical elements that describe different economic trends such as economic growth, rate of unemployment, GDP growth, and interest rates. Although the government considers such statistic as the only tools of relaying economics information, such information is unconvincing and inconclusive. This is because economic reports are based on statistics that can only be understood by people who have economic knowledge (Shaw 643). On the other hand, the government does not indicate the validity or the credibility of such information. It is evident that majority of the people lack economic understanding and, therefore such information does not make sense at all. In addition, the government fails to give information on how such economic indicators relate to the real world. Such economic indicators fail to connect the actual situation with the theoretical aspect or to explain how things happen in the real world (Shaw 632). I consider it hypocritical to have statistics stating that the country is experiencing an economic growth while the cost of living is increasing constantly.
Authorities are prone to giving inconclusive information on issues that affects the public. Government reports are filled with generalizations that do not replicate to the actual situation in the ground. I am concerned about when the authorities will learn to give out credible information that captures and explain the real situation and real happenings. For instance, the weather department is charged with the responsibility of directing the public on matters related to weather patterns and changes. However, the department never issues any concrete information on the area of their responsibility. The public needs to have precise information about the weather. However, the responsible department ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Things We Dont Like Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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