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Spanning through its identified historical origin of as early as 8000 BCE, the first traces of the Hindi religion was purportedly interpreted through the Vedas who established the…
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Download file to see previous pages rence for the Vedas as the foundation of Hindu philosophy; (2) A spirit of tolerance, and willingness to understand and appreciate others’ points of view, recognizing that truth has many sides; (3) Acceptance of the belief that vast cosmic periods of creation, maintenance, and dissolution continuously recur; (4) Acceptance of belief in reincarnation; (5) Recognition that paths to truth and salvation are many; (6) Recognition that there may be numerous gods and goddesses to worship, without necessarily believing in worship through idols; and (7) Unlike other religions, absence of belief in a specific set of philosophic concepts” (Fisher, 2005, p. 113). As such, these ingredients form the basis theological framework for Hindu religion and which continues to be observed by contemporary devotees to this particular belief.
To exemplify continued belief and practices that conform to these main theological frameworks of Hinduism, devotees are expected to conform to rituals, home puja, seeking the guidance of a spiritual Guru, conformity to fasting and prayers, acknowledging reverence to natural resources such as rivers or trees, going through regular pilgrimages, and observing festivals or holy days of obligation.
(1) Ingrained social beliefs that include going through rituals to obtain various favors asked from deities and as a means of purification of one’s supposed journey through life. Rituals were religious practices that were deemed crucial for devotees to the purpose of purifying and sanctifying people in their lifetime.
(2) Belief in public worships to acknowledge individual, family and communities’ adoration and worship to their deities. This social tradition has been proven to be exhibited through time as a means to adore, glorify, and worship the deities and to invoke their blessings for personal favors.
(3) Manifestation of loving service to their deities by acknowledging them as living proofs of divine being and are therefore treated as living ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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HUM WK3 ASSIGNMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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