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Critical Reflection on Just Business - Book Report/Review Example

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Christianity focuses on ethics which train individuals in righteousness for them to be equipped with every good action. Scripturally based ethical structures of love, justice…
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Critical Reflection on Just Business
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Download file to see previous pages These values enable Christians to be ethical in all aspects of work and life. Leaders will be able to carry out their business activities with integrity if they have these three values. Holiness, love and justice are believed to be keys to God’s character as well as to Christian business ethics.
According to Alexander Hill, author of Just Business, the three ultimate values of holiness, justice and love are necessary for Christians in the development of a solid ethical framework. These values are regarded as guidelines for human beings regarding the way of life God desires them to lead. An individual will have to be greatly dependent on Christianity to discover these values. Holiness, justice and love do not contradict one another therefore a Christian can have all the values at the same. These values ensure peace and unity among individuals on earth, development of abilities to glorify and serve god, as well as treatment of all individuals without bias. Values of love, holiness and justice play a great role in the lives and personality of individuals in all aspects of inward dispositions, social relations as well as outward manifestations. These values determine the character and conduct of Christians therefore individuals who encompass the virtues of justice, love and holiness will be able to act in manner that is acceptable within Christianity.
Holiness, love and justice provide adequate and positive direction for Christians who in turn use these virtues to develop into responsible and ethical individuals. Love has a great meaning to the structure of justice and it is related to social and human actions in terms of ethical principles. Love enables a Christian to practice the best principles that ensure the society becomes orderly. Love is self active care which individuals tend to have for one another. Justice, on the other hand, is defined as the impartial consideration of individuals concerned without the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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