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Sustainable Destination Development - Research Paper Example

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Tourism is among the principal areas that substantially determine the performance of an economy. A decline or growth in the tourism industry, therefore, marks a…
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Sustainable Destination Development
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Download file to see previous pages Soccer events as world cup are a prime tourist attraction to the destination country. The economic impacts of tourism during such events as soccer may be negative or positive. Tourism attraction by soccer events presents an avenue of increasing employment opportunities for the population of a country. There are additional opportunities that can absorb the population without employment. Opportunities are available for the technical and professional positions and the informal sector employees. Increased employment among the population is helpful in boosting the population’s living standards. The population, therefore, gets high-income that that further improves the economy of the country. Soccer events need the host country to set up and develop required infrastructures. These include roads and highways, railway lines, stadiums and other essential infrastructures. This increases the country’s level of development in terms of infrastructure. Infrastructural development is vital in supporting economic growth. Infrastructures are also forms of investments and mark an improved investment by the country. There is a remarkable improvement of other utilities in the host country. Such utilities contribute to economic development since they are a principal form of investments and revenue sources. Utilities set include water, sewer lines, restrooms and others as sidewalks.
The host country receives revenues from social occasions as soccer events. Costs and charges as fees for utility users are a substantial revenue source. Income from taxation on goods consumed during the events tends to rise with the surge in population. This becomes a dominant source of revenue and a boost to the growth of the country’s economy. The increased number of visitors in the host country calls for a high demand for retail products. There are a number of new retail businesses, set to meet the demand of the high population of tourists and natives in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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