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Green washing - distinguish reality from fiction. When green claims are ungustified - Essay Example

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Through reduced cost of resources and displaying environmental hazardous agents as non-invasive, a company which claims to spend…
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Green washing - distinguish reality from fiction. When green claims are ungustified
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Extract of sample "Green washing - distinguish reality from fiction. When green claims are ungustified"

Download file to see previous pages Firms Name their products and use labels to show their origination or association from a natural resource. However, companies damage climate, land, water and other natural irreplaceable resources in the process of gaining material benefit and shielding it with the green sheen. Green washing is also used in political circles to gain material benefits and earn support in matters, which are otherwise debatable (Foley et al 337)
Companies proclaim the environmental and user care approach, which one they prioritize? The benefit of environment (being green), consumer or their own? Their actions lead to a concrete answer, definitely only their own. Firms use green washing business tactic to avoid negative publicity on being ignorant in the matters of health and safety. Typically, companies avoid relating to the news of pollution contributor, toxic agents used in products or reproduced as waste, fallacy of consumer and employee rights, large amount of usage of natural resources in the production process, recycling and lack of efficiency of their products. Using language which denotes association to nature and develops a positive perception, therefore, companies use organic, bio, green and natural terms in naming their products only to increase sale. A recent survey shows the efficiency of green washing in making a firm’s reputation superior; regardless of their poor contribution towards environment safety (Cho et al 68).
Companies print labels which denote their association with environmental safety campaigns and show the respect for life on Earth. More than 300 labels represent the caring approach of the firm, that has adapted the environmental changes required towards ecological and consumer benefit. But not all the labels printed on the products are authorized or need a license to be printed. Thus, the absence of standards of sustainability has contributed in the duplicity of the firms. These ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Green Washing - Distinguish Reality from Fiction. When Green Claims Essay.
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