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Strategic Plan on Toyota - Essay Example

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For 2012, Toyota is ranked 25th among the largest public companies on earth, with a market capitalization of $147.94 billion as of April of 2012, revenues of $228.49 billion, and an employee count of 317,716. A Japanese concern with a globally recognized brand name, Toyota is in…
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Strategic Plan on Toyota
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Download file to see previous pages The end of the first quarter of 2012 saw Toyota having 217 associated firms, as well as 511 subsidiaries all over the world. Moreover, while ranked 25th in the world, it is number nine in sales, number 74 in assets, and number 32 in terms of market value ( LLC, 2012). Its range of automobile products includes commercial automobiles, which includes trucks, minivans, as well as passenger vehicles. Among its subsidiaries are Daihatsu, specializing in compact cars and min-cars, and Hino, which specializes in buses and trucks. Its main range of passenger cars includes subcompacts, compacts, luxury cars, sports vehicles, SUVs, mid-size vehicles, and recreational cars. In the US, it also has the luxury brand Lexus (Reuters, 2012).
The latest stock performance figures give Toyota a market capitalization of $128.9 billion, and a share price of $81.41. This share price figure is down somewhat from year highs of about $88, but up from year lows of about $70. Its current P/E ratio of 17.66 is much higher than competition, the closest being Honda, which is trading at a P/E ratio of 15.44. It leads all automobile players in market capitalization, though it is behind the likes of Volkswagen and Honda in terms of margins and operating metrics. (Google, 2012).
Snippets of the corporate strategy of Toyota can be gleaned from news relating to its planned reduction of product output in Japan, by 10 percent from 2012 levels, to around 3.1 million vehicles by 2014. This is to be done with no impact on the employment rolls in the country, with the projected output for 2012 being higher than that 2014 figure, at 3.6 million vehicles (Reuters, 2012b).This is coupled with news relating to planned capacity increases in some subsidiaries, particularly India, where production is slated to expand to 310,000 units per year, an increase of about 50 percent from current production levels. The focus is on sedans and hatchback vehicles ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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