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Contemporary Issues - Essay Example

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These structures are constructed by civil engineers and require the knowledge and understanding to enable them to stand the test of time. The…
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Contemporary Issues
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Download file to see previous pages It is, therefore, the engineers’ prerogative to offer this protection. The education bar needs to be raised to ensure all those who qualify are up to the task of offering their services to the world (Osif, 2006). This paper will review some of the contemporary issues they face, and their possible solutions.
There are many issues that face the civil engineering fraternity. One of the issues they face today is the lack of investment. The fraternity faces a particularly immense problem with lack of investment that they cannot conduct business as usual. Every engineer is aware of the dangers and consequences of poor structures. They have to face the burden of proving their innocence when it comes to disasters concerning their structures. It is a risky investment, thus; not many individuals are willing to invest in this field (Hansen & Zenobia, 2011).
Organizations prefer to play it safe. The need to invest in a risky business is usually not appealing to anyone. Even in the past, the need to have structures built in order to connect people and the world was downplayed by lack of capital (Hansen & Zenobia, 2011). It played a frighteningly crucial role in preventing the creation of exceptional structures for a long time. When infrastructure over the years does not get the recognition, they tend to have a negative impact on society. This presents a problem to everyone in today’s modern society.
Society evolves on a daily basis. Many individuals do not want their society to be depleted of all its natural beauty. Civil engineers need to realise this and strive to be “sustainers”, not just builders or designers. This is another problem or challenge they face. They need to shape society to accept the new, innovative way in which the world is changing (Hansen & Zenobia, 2011).
The world should be ready and willing to invest in some of the civil engineering projects. This can prevent some of the problems that face the fraternity. Capital is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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