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Evaluating Design Choice and Threats to Validity in an Experimental Design - Coursework Example

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It is therefore important that a researcher would factor in a lot of elements before settling with a particular research design. The design…
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Evaluating Design Choice and Threats to Validity in an Experimental Design
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Download file to see previous pages er had selected the quasi design because the research was taking the shape of an experimental research that was going to involve an educational experimentation on the impact of a 2-tier curriculum on the academic performance of students. In quasi design, the most outstanding difference that is observed from other forms of designs is in the selection of respondents because quasi design lacks the fundamental ingredients of random assignment of respondents (Wade et al, 2009). The quasi design was selected based on a number of factors. The first has to do with the fact that the researcher was undertaking an educational experiment and thought that the quasi design was going to ensure accessibility to respondents since there was going to be a very large population to deal with. It has been noted that in situations were there are large populations for the researcher to deal with; working with quasi design reduces the total amount of work that the researcher has to do in a random sampling procedure. Therefore, it was easier for the present researcher to select just a class and use the register system to select the sample size.
Another reason behind the author’s rationale for quasi design was in the fact that the quasi design presented itself with the opportunity to undertake individual case studies whiles addressing the original research problem. Such integrated case studies were necessary in testing the variables to the latter. Finally, quasi generally aided in the reduction of overall time and resource needed to complete the research (Broadwings, 2009). This was an important rationale because the researcher was undertaking an academic research that was time bound. Having selected the quasi design, the researcher outlined a number of validities of the research. The first type of validity presented was in the background of the respondents, all of who the researcher noted was having the same educational background and so had an equal chance of meeting the variables set. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evaluating Design Choice and Threats to Validity in an Experimental Coursework.
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