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Diffusion of innovation - Essay Example

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From the traditional phones which only offered voice services to the latest smart phones, the journey of smartphones have remained one of the most important technological and innovative breakthroughs in the recent history of men. Early telephones worked through wires however,…
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Diffusion of innovation
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Download file to see previous pages Further, the change in the mobile phones from simple wireless communication tools to smartphones can also be attributed to the communication through certain channels. The growth of mobile phones and how it has changed over time has been mostly associated with the internal as well as external influences. Mobile phones initially were considered as status symbol therefore the relative degree of prestige associated with that helped it to diffuse over various social channels. The spread of the technology and the ability of the firms to make innovation and bring out cheaper and expensive versions of mobile phones have actually created different niches within the markets catering to different social and economic needs of the consumers. Much of the innovation in mobile phones has also to do with the globalization and the break-up of one market monopoly as technology was diffused across different regions with different economic status and incremental improvements at the local level.( M.k Uddin, 2006)
As discussed above, the market trends specifically globalization and interaction of individuals across different countries actually help diffuse the gap between the countries. For example, mobile phones were launched in Scandinavian countries in same year and through individual interaction as well as globalization of market trends, they soon were adapted in other cultures also. (R.Peres et al, 2010)
Innovation across countries and the spread of word of mouth can also be associated with what is called Fad theories. According to Fad theories, greater number of adaption of the technology actually creates a bandwagon effect. Institutional pressures make the use of and adaption of technology a social norm thus creating strong word of mouth for the technology to spread across the countries.
Network externalities also allow products to actually move ahead from one stage of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Diffusion of Innovation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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