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Human diversity in working with individuals of minority status - Essay Example

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(2009). Valuing diversity: a group-value approach to understanding the importance of organizational efforts to support diversity. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 30, pp. 941-962. Retrieved September 10, 2012, from…
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Human diversity in working with individuals of minority status
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Extract of sample "Human diversity in working with individuals of minority status"

Download file to see previous pages How perceived discrimination against minorities affects the overall organizational behavior, and how supporting diversity negates the negative effects of this discrimination, is the research problem the author has brought forward. The problem statement very well goes with the title the author has suggested and has good scholastic importance. The problem can be well understood by an average reader and the research is not limited to the author’s own aptitudes and ideas.
This research seeks to test the chief hypothesis that workplace racial discrimination leads employees to link the organization with procedural injustice. This is the main point the author has claimed in the different hypotheses that he has stated. The author’s main research questions are- why employees’ perception of racial discrimination leads to affected organizational environment? How is it linked to procedural justice or perception about it? And what steps organizations should make to support diversity so that procedural justice is fostered?
The author has given an extensive review of literature citing other researchers’ works, and explaining them, in order to support the need to conduct this specific research. He has cited many researches which discuss the importance of diversity and procedural justice in organizations. The author asserts that despite all past research, this study is going to fill the gap in the existing literature by giving even greater consideration toward devising strategies to support organizational diversity. The author has studied literature which is almost current.
The design of the research is quantitative. The author, with the help of past research works, has worked upon a grounded theory that explains the link between racial discrimination and overall organizational environment. The methodology used to gather statistics and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Diversity in Working With Individuals of Minority Status Essay.
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