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Analysis on how healthcare is delivered in the United States as compared to how healthcare is delivered in three other countries - Essay Example

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According to Tanner (2008), other countries spend much less as compared to the USA’s expenditure on healthcare service provision…
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Analysis on how healthcare is delivered in the United States as compared to how healthcare is delivered in three other countries
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Extract of sample "Analysis on how healthcare is delivered in the United States as compared to how healthcare is delivered in three other countries"

Download file to see previous pages to healthcare delivery in United Kingdom (National Health System/Service), the Netherlands (Socialized Health Insurance), and Canada (National Health Insurance).
The United States is a capitalist nation and this has been transferred to healthcare delivery, i.e., the patient has to pay for the service as they receive it from the doctor. According to Tanner (2008), this is an indicator that healthcare in the U.S is private-based with an estimated 85% of the population covered by insurance plans. Private companies exist in the U.S to provide health insurance where clients pay monthly fee for insurance and the company pays the client’s doctor for services rendered. Clients pay according to the risk they are willing to insure; thus, if a client pays more for an expense, then the company will charge less for the insurance and vice versa (Tanner, 2008).
Most employers in the U.S pay for worker’s insurance which is considered as an employment benefit that adds up to the employee’s salary. However, few Americans can pay for their own insurance owing to high cost relative to their income. Another insurance provider is the government itself as it allocates considerable funds from the budget to healthcare programs. In addition, Tanner (2008) asserts that those who are not insured as a result of poverty receive medical cover via Medicaid which is funded by both the federal and state taxes. On the other hand, the aged and children receive medical cover via Medicare which is funded by taxes from federal income. Of all the developed countries, the U.S is believed to have the highest medical expenses (Tanner, 2008).
This is another capitalist country which applies the fee-for-service system of medical delivery only that the administration of the plan is done by government entities (Tanner, 2008). This system sees the healthcare services of the country covered universally and coverage for all citizens is achieved for all ten provinces. In Canada, Tanner (2008) reveals that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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