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Migration - Essay Example

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The inherent urge in human beings to conquer the unknown worlds is the motivation behind migration. To be specific, migration is an international process which helped the world to gain racial and religious diversity. …
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Extract of sample "Migration"

Migration The inherent urge in human beings to conquer the unknown worlds is the motivation behind migration. To be specific, migration is an international process which helped the world to gain racial and religious diversity. Thesis statement: Globalization, the most important factor behind the shift in international world migration patterns, changed the racial and ethnic relations in the global context.
The shifts in the international world migration patterns
Historically, the renaissance spirit and geographical discoveries accelerated migration. One can easily identify that colonization of America, Africa and Asia by the European nations increased the scope of migration in the global context. On the other side, the WWI and WWII deeply influenced the international migration patterns. More nations in Africa and Asia became independent and it influenced the migration patterns. The second half of the 20th century witnessed the rapid growth of migration from Asia and Africa nations to European nations and America. Brian (2009) states that, “If international migration shows one thing, it’s that there is a lot to be learnt both from the experiences of the past and of other countries- and a high price to be paid for failing to respond to changing situations” (p.137). In the 21st century, globalization accelerates migration from Asia and Africa to America.
The shifts in the international world migration patterns and its effect on racial and ethnic relations
The shifts in the international world migration pattern altered the racial and ethnic relations in the global context. Earlier, the racial and ethnic relations were influenced by colonization. During this time, racial and ethnic relations were rigid. For instance, the different racial and ethnic groups considered colonization and forced migration as an imminent threat to their racial/ethnic identity. In the present condition, globalization altered the human outlook on migration and its after-effects. The world nations which accepted migration as the source of racial and ethnic diversity is showing rapid growth and development. So, the shifts in the international world migration pattern altered the racial and ethnic relations and the whole world is enjoying the benefit of the same.
Summing, migration is influenced by globalization because the same is the most important factor behind the positive change in racial and ethnic relations among human beings. Besides, the world nations are aware of the fact that racial and ethnic diversity must be considered as an advantage. Within this context, the shift in international migration patterns proves that migration can improve racial and ethnic relations.
Brian, K. (2009). OECD Insights International Migration The Human Face of Globalisation: The Human Face of Globalisation. Paris, France: OECD Publishing. Read More
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