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STUDY/RESEARCH OBJECTIVES - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Over time, however, my love passion has grown, with media and its study constituting a large part of my personal and academic life. I feel that the chance to study in graduate…
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Download file to see previous pages Having completed my Apprenticeship Degree in retail, coupled with my Higher Diploma qualifications in Business Administration and my impending graduation from St. Polten University after studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Management, I would like to take the next progressive step by studying for a Master’s Degree at your institution.
I, Ben M’Rad Feird, am a male Australian national born on the 15th of March 1986. I studied for my Apprenticeship in Retail at the Vocational Business School St. Polten, covering Business Administration, Business English, Advertising, PR, Politics, and Computerized Accounting. I completed these studies with an ISCED3 qualification and proceeded on to my A-level studies for my final exam. I studied Statistics, Business Administration, Economics, International Microeconomics, English and German at the Academy of Business Education, where I graduated with an ISCED4 classification. Finally, I applied for a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Applied Sciences where I studied PR, Controlling, Risk Management, Content Management, Marketing, and Media Management.
I am a proficient speaker in German and English, although I can also communicate in standard Spanish. I see my ability to adapt to environments of multiculturalism, gained via my studies overseas and my work experience, as an added advantage for my studies in Media Management. I am an open-minded individual with excellent communication skills and team spirit, and my intercultural and interpersonal skills including flexibility, determination, perseverance, and sociable nature give me the confidence needed to pursue a career in Media Management. I also possess leadership skills, working well under pressure with excellent skills of organization.
My experience as an intern at Bene AG in E-marketing and communications, coupled with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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