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Applying lewin theory - Case Study Example

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John Johnson, the top executive at AVIONICS had a reputation of having the ability to empower and improve his team members. After years of being the manager, he was issued with a directive…
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Applying lewin theory
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Download file to see previous pages This was to ensure why change was necessary and be able to let go of the present comfort zone. He recognized all the risks of making big changes in himself, the company as well as the colleagues but he was prepared to take action to every reaction. In this stage he expected complains from his colleagues due to the changes he was making.
The change involved having a leaderless team, change the company’s name and lay off the current supervisor of the group. This was the second stage which involved implementing the required changes and coming up with more efficient and effective ideas after all the team members have agreed to the same. Glen requested reinstatement by filing grievances and John allowed him to stay in the group but not as the group leader. John weighed all his options and decided that the teams should not inquire anything from him instead they should review everything they discuss in their group meetings. This was to empower them to their desired destiny as they would have opportunities to control their own work. This stage was involved moving the work mates and the entire business to incentive for transformation.
The changes made by John were not easy for Glen and other team members in the company. The first team meeting they had after the changes, they did not know how to proceed since they did not have someone to give them such details (Simms & Knowledge, 2005). William who had always thought of being a team leader volunteered to start off the meeting but he did not know what to tell the rest of the team. Though William had never been a formal team leader before, he was allowed to stand in to ensure that meetings were held. The next meeting they he came with ideas of how to improve the company but the rest of the team members never agreed on his thoughts instead, they spent the rest of the meeting voting on things they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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