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One of the stereotypes that I have encountered was the one that I have against pastors who always believe that there is a loving God, there is an afterlife and that there is either everlasting happiness in some sort of heaven. I believe that such things do not exist. For me, God…
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Stereotype paper
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, I believe that there is no afterlife because there seems to be no purpose in it and no one has proven it so far. I am prejudiced against these pastors who spread the so-called “Word of God” in order to convince their congregation to buy everything that they say simply out of faith and perhaps for their own benefit, even if that benefit were only a smug feeling of satisfaction that they have done something good or others have followed them. The more they assert their beliefs, the more they make me feel that it is just easy for them to say those things because they live rich lives and they are not exactly the ones suffering. I believe their convictions about God would be different if they were the ones waiting for their execution in Rwanda or dying of cholera in Sierra Leone.
Nevertheless, I have realized that Peter Ditto of the University of California-Irvine was right in saying that “people are much more skeptical processors of information [that] they don’t want to believe” (“How Pre-existing Beliefs,” 2012). Perhaps, my arguments were also flawed in that I have assumed that for God to exist, then He must be good, and that for heaven and the afterlife to make sense then they must at least require some proof. It appears that I was not able to consider the idea that God may exist but may be just and not kind, and He may have a purpose that I may not be able to comprehend. Moreover, the afterlife may really actually exist and that just because something does not have proof does not necessarily mean that it does not exist. Lastly, I may have committed the fallacy of argumentum ad hominem against pastors because I may have attacked them and their personal circumstances instead of their actual convictions (Walker, 2009). I may have unjustly assumed that they were rich and had good things happening around them all the time that is why I assumed that they would not be able to exactly understand how hard the poor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stereotype paper

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