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Aztec was known to be a very beautiful but protective Empire with people who were always united and worked hard together in their land and who were bound by the spirit of their gods. Due to the numerous invasions that were happening at this period in history (16th Century), the…
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Aztecs Affiliation: Discuss the Aztecs before and after the arrival of the Spanish
Aztec was known to be a very beautiful but protective Empire with people who were always united and worked hard together in their land and who were bound by the spirit of their gods. Due to the numerous invasions that were happening at this period in history (16th Century), the Aztec were cautious of who they admitted into their kingdom to protect their city and its people. However, when the Spanish came to Aztec, miraculously they were admitted but this proved to be the worst mistake they committed.
After the Spanish entered this kingdom, they started conquering this beautiful land with horses and dogs and even diseases. The Spanish brought different diseases to the kingdom like measles but what the Aztec people called cocoloztli. It killed an estimated average of 22 million people. This wiped out this Empire and hence the Spanish took over this endowed land. This was around 1519 and the conquest was possible because the Spanish got help from other native tribes that had previously been at war with Aztec and wanted them destroyed. As a result of these damages, the Empire collapsed soon afterwards.
Lloyd, Marion. "Expert: Native Disease Killed Aztecs, Not Outsiders," Houston
Chronicle, last modified October 14, 2006, 1570996.php Read More
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