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Reflection on ERIE Step IV - Assignment Example

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Knowledge is a basis of any advancement. No matter what goal we set, its achievement is impossible without full and relevant knowledge base and skills along with our…
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Reflection on ERIE Step IV
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Extract of sample "Reflection on ERIE Step IV"

Part IV Personal Response Modern society strives for progress and to maintain constant development information is urgently required. Knowledge is a basis of any advancement. No matter what goal we set, its achievement is impossible without full and relevant knowledge base and skills along with our ability to apply all acquired information in a proper way.
Analyzing results of educational indicators and making researches on schools’ performances and students’ progress in studies, it has been concluded that human’s ability to memorize some information and totally block out another one is influenced by numerous factors, such as personal mind and brain activity of a child, character of learner, educator’s teaching style, form of information’s representation, level of students’ involvement in the teaching process, variety of tasks and assignments, opportunities to implement children’s creativity and initiative, atmosphere in a classroom, psychological approach of the teacher and educator’s experience and emotional urge. Taking into account such a large number of internal and external variables that cause specific impact on the learning process, it is no wonder that frequently results of our educational system can be rather disappointing. This happens due to the fact that some teachers are prone to disregard any notion from the mentioned list and build a lesson according to a standard template; meanwhile, it is imperative to keep in mind that every student is individuality, who sometimes requires special approach.
Knowledge can be considered as indispensable part of our not only professional, but also social and private life. According to the gist of studied theories, such as constructivism, objectivism, humanism and behaviorism, the same piece of information can be represented and taught differently thereby the results and return from each approach can vary drastically.
With the help of carried out researches, it has been found out that human’s ability to forget some information and fail to apply the knowledge which he or she has gained previously in specific situations is affected by experience and emotional background. Secondly, it has been proved by many scientists that availability and abundance of information, such as personal incentive that encourages student to enroll in a course, the main goal of the lectures, student’s preferences regarding offered activities and learner’s psychological reactions along with age, sex and social background, play extremely urgent role in the character of the final results. Therefore, it is fair to say that the more information a teacher acquires and implements the more positive return can be seen later on.
A lot of practical experiments show that student’s perception, preference and individual performance in the classroom depend on the teacher’s psychological approach, ability to represent material in an interesting and active form, educator’s tendency to provide creative tasks that are able to involve children in the learning process and teach them on a practical ground. In this respect, it is quite common and even trivial situation, when it happens that a student dislikes and does not learn a subject only because educator’s teaching style, attitude and treatment are not acceptable for this learner. That is why every teacher should be able to find a right approach to the audience, motivate student’s activity and involve them in the studying process with the help of variable assignments instead of a simple test-taking practice.
One of the most important factors that causes its impact on the student’s perception and memorization of information is environment in the classroom. Hence, in case there is a very strict objectivist educator who is prone to reject any student’s conjectures except of the real one and even punish children for their wrong answers when the learners decide to show initiative, later on students will not display any desire to be involved in any discussions and debates, instead of this they will just listen to the teacher, remember some facts and forget most of them. Monotony of the lecturers’ style and their categoricity manage to eradicate student’s motivation and any desire for learning. Therefore, being a teacher it is significant not to scare away children’s initiative and intention to broaden own knowledge base.
It is well-known that our current educational system is overwhelmed with routine tests that are considered to be a primary indicator of student’s educational attainments while numerous scientists have proved that test results do not judge the learner’s performance at all. Corruption of educational system and students’ tricks and cheatings that help to pass standard tests successfully can not evaluate people’s knowledge of the subject adequately. Consequently, a change that will force teachers to step away from test-taking practice and switch to more interesting tasks is required.
According to the thinking of expert teachers, behaviorism and constructivism along with a study on brain activity of the learners can benefit teaching process and help to achieve more favorable results. It is imperative to notice and appraise student’s behavior and create stimulus for the studying. Frequently, with a highly professional and encouraging approach, an educator may cause interest of the student to the specific course and later on even be a decisive factor in a student’s choice of the future occupation. In case a teacher has managed to activate initiative of at least one student and achieve child’s attention, curiosity and intention to be involved in a dialogue between a teacher and audience, such educator can easily say that their teaching practice is effective and all their strengths are not in vain.
Boghossian, P. (2006). Behaviorism, constructivism, and Socratic pedagogy. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 38(6), 713-722.
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West, M. (2012). Global lessons for improving U.S. education. Issues in Science and Technology, 28(3), 37-44. Read More
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