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The film Little Big Man - Essay Example

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He recounts the days with both pleasure and sadness. The narrator of the story is known as Jack Crab (Grant 98). He forms a substantial part as he informs of his intrigues at various…
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The film Little Big Man
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Download file to see previous pages These include the contrary warrior, the two-spirited person and the grandfather. These are entities of the Cheyenne that occupy their ordinary life.
In portrayal of the two-spirited warrior, the sculpture emanates from the view of the little big man. It is vital to note that the young crab grows to become a successful warrior in the Cheyenne army. The younger bear, who is the contrary warrior, creates enmity with the little big man (Grant 98). The fundamental portrayal of the contrary warrior concerns the fact that nature stems from the fact that they are rebellious spirits. Their rebellion seems to stem from an injustice that they witness around them. This injustice may have trivial or concrete reasons. In the younger bear’s case, he seems to be envious of the little big man’s success. In turn, he strives to convince his society of his inner prowess. This does not bear success, in the short run, and he becomes frantic at the same. It comes as a further blow when the little big man saves him from a Pawnee warrior.
The contrary warrior comes across as a superb portrayal of prowess in war and life skills. In this sense, the contrary warrior would walk on his hands around the camps. In addition, he would be able of extraordinary skills of riding the horse backwards. He would be able of turning their arches for backward shooting of arrows. Whenever he could come across a stream, he would lift his moccasin and hop through the water. His rebellion focused on doing the opposite things during wars. This would be both beneficial and counterproductive to wars. In spite of the contrary warrior’s struggles at seeking recognition, he is the same. This proves the same when he saves the little big man from Custer’s pistol.
The grandfather shares a positive portrayal in the film story. He surfaces in the same when he saves the little big man and Caroline from the wild. It is vital to note that the Pawnee warriors are a dangerous group ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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