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Humanities paper topic: situate the photograph historically and then analyze the photograph, fashion, and subject of the photograph - Essay Example

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This means that photographs are effective tools that allow one to source imperative information. Critical analyses of a photograph can reveal substantial ideas regarding a subject of interest…
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Humanities paper topic: situate the photograph historically and then analyze the photograph, fashion, and subject of the photograph
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Download file to see previous pages The photo was captured in Weslaco Texas in 1940s. The photo explains the nature of the Mexicans life in a segregated town. The photo is relevant since it presents outstanding historical and fashion ideas.
The photo presents the period of the world wars when Mexico was facing harsh economic challenges. By the time of the photo, the country had attained minimal technology development and the community observed traditional lifestyles. This is apparent in the photo as it clearly portrays customary way of life. The community lacked modern form of housing, and most people lived in temporary houses erected with timber. Facilities such as electricity and piped water were also lacking. Furthermore, traditionally designed clothing lines positioned at strategic places within the compound were used for drying the clothes. This background indicates that the life of the Mexicans in 1940s was considerably different from the present one.
Various elements in the photo describe the state of fashion in during the period. The grandmother fashion style differs with the one of Mama Piedad. Ideally, the grandmother depicts a fashion style that came earlier than the one portrayed by the other woman. Consequently, Mama Piedad may be regarded as a modern woman of the time. The grandmother shows that women dressed in long full dress. Additionally, women covered their hair with the headscarf and wore flat shoes. Critical observations note that due to harsh economic periods that accompanied the 1940s period, women redesigned their old clothes and adopted new styles (Niblo 73).
The difference between the grandmother’s dressing style and Mama Piedad’s style explains a fashion change that was taking place in society. The photograph’s period involved a change from the fashion of dressing in long dresses to short kneel-length skirts, and short-sleeved tops. The skirts were to maintain a glass-shape figure, the fashion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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