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The use of health informatics in affecting the health status of at Risk population - Research Paper Example

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According to Klein (2002), these changes occur more significantly in some parts of the field and less significantly in other parts. This difference is usually caused by…
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The use of health informatics in affecting the health status of at Risk population
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Download file to see previous pages With the standardization, there are evenly distributed growth levels.
One of the standardization models is the Human Studies Database (HSBD). The main components standardized by this model revolve around administrative features of human studies. This harmonizes the usage of data elements in various institutional boards and clinical trial management systems in organizations. Another model is the NCI Case Report Form (CRF). In this model there is the harmonization of physical exams, enrollment, adherence to protocol and medical history (Castro, 2009). This model creates a unison picture when it comes to the welfare of patients in medical institutions. Regardless of their illnesses, a medical protocol must be adhered to during their medication. Hematopoietic Cell Transplant (HCT) is a standardization model which is aimed at protecting, recording and preserving the information of a donor and recipient (Veatch, 2002). In this model both the donor and the recipient have their own rights which a health institution cannot breach. Withholding their information is one of the rights patients are entitled to.
Interoperability is the inter-operation between two or more organizations, institutions or departments in coming up with useful information to help all the parties involved. In the modern century, interoperability is greatly associated with information technologies (Veatch, 2002). Through IT, interoperability is used as a tool of providing information to many related institutions. For instance, in health care many organizations may share ideas and innovative moves through the internet. In this case this information may greatly impact the operations of other medical practices. This process is the most important process when it comes to the delivery of equal and quality medical services in different practices. Interoperability is important because it brings about the evolution of how medical services are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Use of Health Informatics in Affecting the Health Status of at Research Paper.
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