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Building and leading creative teams - Research Paper Example

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In accordance to Taylor’s theory of motivation, the major motivation of workers is the pay that they get for their work activities (Viorel, Aurel, Virgil & Stefania, 2009). In this sense, the fact that Sandy left her own studio business to work at McTate & Mann reflects that…
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Building and leading creative teams
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Download file to see previous pages Mayo’s motivation theory can therefore be applied in understanding another possible reason why Jeannie ceased to work as a freelancer and joined McTate & Mann advertising company. It is possible that Jeannie considered the social needs of being viewed as a career driven individual by the society by going to work rather than freelancing from home. Nonetheless, the main focus of Mayo’s motivational theory is the manner in which managers and leaders treat employees in relation to meting their social needs (Wilson & Madsen, 2008). It is evident that the social needs of both Jeannie and Sandy are met at the work place because they are happy with their work.
The social needs of employees are further described by Maslow’s theory of motivation. According to Maslow’s theory, there are five distinct levels of human needs which should be met for them to feel motivated. The social needs of employees are postulated by Maslow within the third level of his hierarchy of needs. These include the sense of belonging and love needs (Wilson & Madsen, 2008). It can be depicted therefore that Sandy and Jeannie were motivated to leave their respective jobs for McTate & Mann because they needed to belong to a group. Moreover, Sandy and Jeannie needed to belong to a recognized company which met their needs for belonging. In addition to the social needs, the physiological needs are postulated in the first level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The physiological needs include hunger and thirst (Wilson & Madsen, 2008). Through a good pay at McTate & Mann, Sandy and Jeannie would not go hungry or thirst. Therefore this justifies their motivation to work with the advertising company rather than their previous jobs. Furthermore, Maslow’s theory of motivation postulates that employees are motivated if their safety needs are met (Viorel, Aurel, Virgil & Stefania, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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